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We focus on prevention as well as treatment

South Strand Cardiology emphasizes prevention over invasive treatments. We are truly dedicated to preventive cardiac care by devoting our efforts into patient education, promotion of optimal therapeutic lifestyle changes, as well as evidenced-based medical therapy using the latest clinical research and scientific breakthroughs published in peer reviewed journals.


A direct result of the failure to implement optimal preventative cardiac care is that many more people end up having a heart attack, stroke, stent placement, bypass surgery, or even premature death. A lack of prevention may result in the development of early atherosclerosis that can gradually progress into an established disease or become a critical condition. This also results in staggering health care costs and a multitude of other additional health consequences for individual patients. We can tailor the tests and treatments based upon each patient’s individual risk factors and personal wellness goals.

It is easier to stop something from happening in the first place than to repair the damage after it has already happened. Benjamin Franklin’s axiom that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is as true today as it was when he made the quote. Although many use the quote when referring to health, Franklin actually was addressing fire safety. Therefore, the least expensive and most effective way of tackling heart disease is the same approach as one would use in preventing a fire hazard.

We truly believe that prevention is the best medicine and that patient education is the best tool to promote wellness.

Common disorders that are managed at South Strand Cardiology

South Strand Cardiology also serves as a resource for other providers who may need assistance in managing a patient’s specific heart-related condition.



Atrial Fibrillation


Congestive Heart Failure

Coronary Artery Disease



Lipid Disorders

Peripheral Arterial Disease

Syncope or Fainting

Valvular Heart Disease

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. –Hippocrates

Physician: Erol Lale, MD, PhD, FACC

Cardiologist: Invasive, Non-Interventional

Board Certified: ABIM in Cardiovascular Disease 2013-2023

Medical School: Westfaelische Wilhelms University, Muenster, Germany 1990

Internal Medicine: Lutheran General Hospital, Chicago, IL 1993-1997

Cardiology Fellowship: Lutheran General Hospital, Chicago, IL 1997-2000

Founder/Owner: South Strand Cardiology 2003 to Present

The focus of Cardiologist Dr. Lale includes General Clinical Cardiology with an emphasis on Plant-based Preventative Cardiac Care.

Erol Lale, MD, PhD, FACC

Your heart & health are important at South Strand Cardiology