Prevention is always the best medicine, so we strongly endorse concentrating on your heart health to stop or decrease the chance of developing a heart condition.

The focus of Cardiologist Dr. Lale includes General Clinical Cardiology with an emphasis on Plant-based Preventative Cardiac Care.

South Strand Cardiology also serves as a resource for other providers who may need assistance in managing a patient’s specific heart-related condition.

Saving lives

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


Individualized evidenced-based medical therapy, tests, and treatment.


Carefully prescribed pills and recommended lifestyle changes.

Second Opinion

Review and discuss optional Cardiac Care.


We listen to your concerns and tailor individual treatment options.


State-of-the-art imaging tools and screenings: EKG/ECG, ECHO, and ICG.

Medical Research

Medical therapies and patient education using proven clinical and scientific study.

Cardiology Consultations

An early diagnosis of any cardiac health concern may provide an opportunity for an improved prognosis via preventive care, medical treatment, and helpful educational support.

New Patient Evaluation

Welcoming new patients that have concerns regarding cardiovascular conditions, potential heart disease, assessing a possible heart problem, or other cardiac health issues.

Follow-Up Care

Monitoring existing heart conditions, treating cardiovascular-related diseases, and maintaining good heart health are all important steps towards each patient’s overall wellness.

Cardiology Second Opinion

Seeking a second opinion is an effective way to confirm the accuracy of a previous assessment and whether the recommended course of action is right for your situation.

Heart Healthy

Patient education plays an important role in preventing, managing, and healing common cardiovascular conditions.